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National Concussion


How do I protect my loved ones out of a concussion or other traumatic brain injury .  It is a question about the minds of many Americans.

CDC is dedicated to finding answers for Americans worried about concussion and other severe brain injuries. CDC is working to develop programs and systems that best address this significant public health issue.

A nationwide surveillance system enables CDC to begin getting replies to the question and much more.

CDC is devoted to Finding Answers

CDC obtained feedback from top organizations and researchers concerning how to construct a state-of-the-art National Concussion Surveillance System. CDC will conduct a pilot evaluation of the system utilizing a household survey to gather critically-needed data Lessons learned in the pilot enables CDC to refine and enhance the system in front of a full size launch.

Advantages of this National Concussion Surveillance System

The National Concussion Surveillance System is going to have the ability to correctly determine the number of Americans (adults and children) receive a concussion every year, and ascertain exactly what caused the injury. Additionally, the outcomes of a full-scale federal system would notify and equip leaders in communities, nations, and around America by:

Supplying the very first national estimates of sports-related concussions among childhood which happen both in, and out of organized sports

Tracking trends to understand if the Amount of concussions is decreasing or increasing, and assessing the effectiveness of prevention efforts;

Giving insight into healthcare providers and physicians around where patients look after concussion and healing needs; and

Growing–for the very first time–accurate national estimates of the amount of individuals living with a disability brought on by a brain injury.

The National Concussion Surveillance System can aid in improving the prevention, maintenance, and healing efforts underway at CDC and one of teams invested in helping individuals who have experienced a traumatic brain injury.

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